How it works

Trasform raw data into clear insights in minutes. No coding, no hassle, no technical skills required. Our AI engine does the work, so you don’t have to

Getting your data ready

Upload your file and automatically kick-start dozens of automated checks to figure out everything our engine needs to know about your data: columns, rows, headers, values, field types, dimensions, etc.

Review and adjust

Your data is now encoded and ready for analysis. This is where you can review the settings and make optional adjustments on the fly. No coding, no formulas, no tech skills required.

Crunching the numbers — and the times

With the data now ready, we generate and run thousands of cross-tabs, pivots, and regressions, and other data queries at the same time. The insights are automatically assembled over logical sections, ready for you to explore.

AI power to accelerate insight discovery

How do you find the juiciest nuggets of wisdom in your data? You can design, write, and run queries one by one — or you can let our AI engine discover and serve them on a platter for you.


Reports show what the data says at its most basic level. Clear and simple facts, before modeling or interpretations.

  • Clear reports, created on the fly by our engine;

  • Simple functionality that you actually use;

  • Export to common file formats (CSV, PDF, etc).


Automation is great but sometimes you want to ask your own questions — that’s what Cohorts is about. Combine filters in a breeze to explore the exact topics you’re interested in.

  • Clean, intuitive interface - combine criteria with simple checkboxes;

  • Real-time, automatically adjusted counters to see impact of selections;

  • Display and break down charts by secondary dimensions.


The fastest, most powerful, and innovative solution to understand or compare groups, and see what sets them apart.

  • Visual cues help absorb rich and complex information naturally;

  • Drag and drop to produce a 360 view of the characteristics of any group;

  • One-click to see where two groups diverge.


Neural networks and advanced data modeling help identify logical clusters of rows and, importantly, the factors that predict them.

  • Seamlessly upgrade your data analysis with cutting-edge AI;

  • Discover the factors that predict outcomes of interest

  • Beyond visualization - Clusters automates the data modelling like a pro.


Frequently asked questions ordered by popularity.

What file formats can I upload?

At the moment, we are processing MS Excel files (.xslx).

Does the data need to be prepared to be uploaded?

Not necessarily, just make sure the file meets these minimum requirements:

  1. all the data must be in the same file and on the same sheet;
  2. headers in row(s) above
  3. values in rows below

If your data file is organized in this way, there’s no more prepararion required.

Do I need to install anything?

No. Drumroll AI is 100% cloud-based SaaS.

Do we need to integrate with our systems?

No. You can just drag and drop your data files onto the wizard and get your isnights right away.

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